On the Cheap: Boston's Top Eats

On the Cheap: Boston's Top Eats

Our Recommendations

1. Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage

VOTED BEST BURGERS, (IN AMERICA), by the BOSTON GLOBE, every college and university should have a burger joint like Mr. Bartley's nearby. Those who go to Harvard are very fortunate to have one of the best burger joints in New England at their doorstep.

2. Presto Pizzeria

This is where many students go for great pizza; Presto Pizzeria's thin-crust pies are nearly legendary.

3. Border Cafe

Loud, bustling, and a bit crazy at times, The Border Cafe is a Harvard Square landmark that has been serving excellent Mexican food (and amazing Margaritas) for a long time.

4. Shawarma King

A popular place for college students from BU and BC, Brookline's Shawarma King sure is cheap, tasty, and mostly healthy. The Lebanese faire and the shawarma chicken at this tiny Coolidge Corner restaurant is especially delicious.

5. Le's

Formerly Pho Pasteur, Le's is a favorite among college students and older crowds alike, as the Vietnamese cuisine here is both tasty and cheap and combines subtle, delicate flavorings, fresh vegetables, rice and pasta with meats and fish.

How to Find Your Own Cheap Eats in Boston!

Step 1

Purchase a budget Boston guidebook or two in advance of your trip or surf the web before you arrive; many guides include restaurant listings in a variety of price ranges.

Step 2

Find out about the best places to try out local specialties. The manager or concierge at your hotel should be able to provide you with a list of suggestions.

Step 3

Try some Boston-style pizza for a quick, cheap and tasty meal. Boston style is pizza baked in a pan with thicker crust, and cheddar cheese.

Step 4

Buy a local newspaper or magazine as soon as you arrive or check out "Boston.com," or other local publications for restaurant listings and reviews.

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