10 Best Places to Work in Boston

Top 10 Places to Work in Boston

Whether you're looking to break into a new profession or simply work for the best, these Boston companies have great benefits, great perks, and most importantly, creative employees who love their jobs.

A recent survey by the Boston Globe of 86,000 workers in Boston asked employees to grade their employers on 24 different statements about their companies, covering everything from manager communication to benefits.

Below are the top ten empolyers, according to the Globe's rankings. For the complete lists, including separate lists for small, mid-size, and large companies, visit Boston.com.

1. Comcast Communications

Comcast employs roughly 100,000 people nationwide, and 4,700 in Massachusetts alone. Known around the U.S. for cable and broadband internet access, Comcast has a personal touch, say employees in Boston. The Globe cites competitive pay, generous benefits, a company-matched 401(k), free financial planning, and flexibile schedules as just some of the reasons the cable giant made first place.

The most important reason, however, is communication between management and staff, which Comcast prizes highly. A willingness to take suggestions from staff and implement them fosters an environment of entrepreneurialism and creativity unique in a large corporation.

2. Winchester Hospital

Winchester Hospital, which has been open since 1912, employs roughly 2,600 people throughout its 15 locations around Boston.

The hospital made second place by finding ways to address the recent economic recession in as gentle a way as possible. When revenues were running short, the hospital put together a plan and principles for cost-cutting. This included frequent communication with staff, who appreciated the up-to-date information.

According to the Globe: "In the end, Winchester Hospital slashed roughly $5 million - the equivalent of 100 full-time positions - from its budget by, among other measures, freezing pensions, reducing time off, and eliminating special employee events. And nobody lost their jobs."

3. Harmonix Music System

Maker of the popular "Rock Band" music video game and other games, Harmonix earned third place in the Globe's listing by keeping as much of an open culture as possible during a time of exponential growth. They recently grew from just a few dozen employees to more than 300.

Encouraging new and established employees to mix it up together in fun and creative ways have been hallmarks of Harmonix's success and created an environment of team loyalty that their creative employees cherish.

4. Winter, Wyman Cos.

This small, private human resources services company employs just 128 people near Boston, but is one of the largest staffing firms in the Northeast. It earns top rankings for how it puts to use its human resources knowledge in its own business.

Employee professional development is a priority for Winter, Wyman, and employees also cite satisfaction with opportunities for career advancement, rewards for performance, work-life balance, and the company's commitment to volunteerism and public service.

5. Edward Jones

Though financial services firm Edward Jones, based in St. Louis, is globally quite large with 40,000 employees, it only has 171 workers in the Boston area, making it second in the Small Company listings on the Globe.

Workers at Edward Jones give thumbs-up to the training for new employees -- particularly the paid training for financial advisors to take the Series 7 and Series 66 exams -- and the freedom to run your own part of the business as you see fit and flexible business hours. Many have said it's a great place to get qualified and learn the ropes.

6. Commonwealth Financial Network

Commonwealth,a private financial company, employs roughly 400 people in Waltham, Massachusetts.

The company hired over 60 people recently, expanding its workforce more than 10 percent. Employees there benefit from tuition reimbursement, professional and personal development, and other perks including onsite wellness classes. The company says it is focused on creating a "satisfying and engaging environment" for staff.

7. Herb Chambers Co.

The Somerville-based auto dealer network employs over 1,600 in its Boston-area offices, and hired more people even in the midst of one of the deepest recessions.

Such confidence in the midst of a struggling industry gives employees confidence too, say workers at the auto dealer. Employees also enjoy the personal, positive feedback they receive from their boss.

8. Analysis Group

The Analysis Group, headquartered in Boston, employs about 250 economic consultants in its Boston office. Employees at the Analysis Group point to their fun and diverse co-workers, an atmosphere that encourages collaboration, and the substance and purpose of the work they do in describing what they enjoy about their jobs at the Analysis Group.

9. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Harvard Pilgrim employs the majority of its 1,150-strong workforce in the Boston area (Wellesley, to be precise).

The non-profit health insurance company has been in business since 1969, and offers its employees a variety of health plans (naturally). Harvard Pilgrim holds numerous wins as a top place to work and for employee satisfaction. The company also emphasizes employee involvement in charitable outreach. In 2009, employees raised about $92,000 for local charities.

Other workplace strengths for Harvard Pilgrim include direction, execution, career training and development, management communication, working conditions, and pay and benefits.

10. Google

The 20,000+ behemoth that is Google employs roughly 200 people in its Boston outpost.

Employees at Google in Boston love the company's promotion of compassionate activism. And the company recently expanded benefits to help their staff feel more valuable.

Like employees at Google locations elsewhere, employees in Boston benefit from the prestige of working for a company known and used nearly everywhere, and from the corporate culture that "work should be challenging and the challenge should be fun".

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